Many CEOs have no-one with whom they can be completely candid. No-one who fully understands their challenges and stresses as a CEO and who can give them the inputs, support, help and feedback they actually want and need. No-one or nothing to challenge them or to hold them accountable for their thinking, goals, strategies, plans and actions. 



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DeliberateCEO was developed to address the CEO’s need for support through professionally facilitated and structured peer review groups, where CEOs with the same simple goal – to better achieve their personal and business ambitions – get the opportunity to discuss, reflect and draw on the thinking, talent and experience of a group of trusted associates, so as to move themselves and their businesses forward, faster, with fewer mistakes and greater results.

See 4 of the many benefits of DeliberateCEO below…

1. Small Peer Groups

All groups are between 5 and 8 members. Big enough for variety and small enough to be intimate and manageable.  

Members are from different industries and bring varied experiences to the table.  What they have in common is that the buck stops with them and they wish to be deliberate in how they develop themselves and their businesses.

2. Monthly Peer Review

The peer group meets monthly and members have the opportunity to present their plans, be held accountable for progress and get unbiased input and feedback – making sure they get and stay on track.

This responsibility/accountability aspect is one of the main benefits of the group.

3. One-to-One Consultation

In addition to the monthly peer group meeting each member can avail of a monthly one hour of one-on-one CEO coaching session with the group facilitator, where advice/input specific to that member may be sought/offered.

4. Receive Great Resources

Over the years DeliberateCEO has developed a robust and comprehensive toolkit of resources to help CEOs. These resources have been well validated, having been tried and tested by its members and are continually being added to. They range from sales to business strategy to personal and career development.

You are in good company.

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